New Episode: Steps Before The Game – Episode 3!

Steps before the game aflevering 2

In this mini docu you’ll see how a large festival like Intents Festival is preparing for a new edition. It takes a lot of effort! When the time comes, the podiums are finished and you see all the happy faces of the visitors, then you know what you’re doing it for.❤️

In this episode we’ll tell you more about the technical stuff, we’ll visit the stage builders and we’ll take a look at the light and sound suppliers. Curious about a steel construction of such a podium like the mainstage? Watch this episode!

Lay back into the couch, stretch those legs and gather your friends. It’s Steps Before The Game & Chill time. 😎 Go to our YouTube channel or watch the episode here.

Did you like this episode? Watch episode 4 of this mini docu over here!

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