Step Before The Game

A new episode of Steps Before The Game: Episode 4!

Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a large festival like Intents Festival? We will tell you everything in Steps Before the Game

In this mini docu you’ll see the preparations for a spectacular festival every year. You’ll see some brainstorming about the theme, an interview with the sound suppliers, take a look at Bavaria and many more. 🍺

In this episode we’ll take a closer look at safety. An indispensable theme when organizing a festival like Intents Festival.

Get in your chill outfit, gather your crew, grab your game controller and watch another new episode of Steps before the Game.

ANTHEM ALERT! Here it is: The anthem you’ve all been waiting for! Check out the anthem of Intents Festival 2022 or listen to it via this link!

Step Before The Game

New Episode: Steps Before The Game – Episode 3!

In this mini docu you’ll see how a large festival like Intents Festival is preparing for a new edition. It takes a lot of effort! When the time comes, the podiums are finished and you see all the happy faces of the visitors, then you know what you’re doing it for.❤️

In this episode we’ll tell you more about the technical stuff, we’ll visit the stage builders and we’ll take a look at the light and sound suppliers. Curious about a steel construction of such a podium like the mainstage? Watch this episode!

Lay back into the couch, stretch those legs and gather your friends. It’s Steps Before The Game & Chill time. 😎 Go to our YouTube channel or watch the episode here.

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The moment many of you have been waiting for. There it is! The anthem of Intents Festival 2022! Da Tweekaz and Warface have made a hard track again! 💥

Watch the docu over here or go to Intents Festival Anthem 2022. Loose your mind on this anthem and warm yourself up for the big Intents game you’re going to play on May 27, 28 & 29.

Make sure you reach the high score and continue to the next level! What do you think of this anthem?

Do you want to see more? Watch episode 4 of Steps Before the Game here!