Finger lickin’ good


Enjoy a wide range of delicious food at the two mega food courts on the festival site. From pizza and fries to waffles and rolls.



Enjoy a beer, a cocktail, a craft beer or some great soft drinks. The festival site features dozens of bars and drinks stands.

Also properly taken care of

Sanitary facilities

The festival provides free toilets and hand washing stations. There are special toilets that cater to people with disabilities available near the First Aid post.

Lockers, sunscreen, earplugs


Store your valuables in a locker. Protect yourself from the sun. Get sunscreen rubbed into you at the suntan bar.
Forgot your earplugs? No problem: earplugs are available from the merchandise stands.

Massage, hairdresser and lounge


Need to relax? Have a massage or get your hair done on site.
Relax with a drink at one of the dozens of lounge areas.


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Extra festival day!

Dit jaar niet twee, maar DRIE DAGEN Intents genieten! Een game zonder bonus level? Zeker niet! Daarom dopen we dit jaar de Friday om in een VOLLEDIGE festivaldag inclusief mainstage en dikke openingsshow!