Personalise tickets

Intents Festival is plagued by ticket reselling (scalping) every year. As a result visitors – often unknowingly – pay far more for a ticket than the original ticket price. To ensure that visitors do not become the victim of ticket reselling, we ask that you fill in the details of your fellow festival-goers. Your information can also be used to inform you about the festival.

In order to register tickets by name, you need the following details of all persons: first name, surname, email address, gender and date of birth.

If the main buyer is present at the entrance of the festival, someone else can gain access to the festival with the tickets that have been purchased. Because the main buyer is present, we will know for certain that these are legitimately obtained tickets. In the event of doubt, there will be an ID check at the entrance.

Change in ticket owner

Use this link to change the name on the ticket at Paylogic.


Ticketsales starts January 3rd. Immerse yourself in the experience on January 3rd! Ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement by completing your pre-registration in advance. Be part of the event and make it a memorable moment!