Step Before The Game

Intents Festival introduces: Steps Before The Game!

We are super busy to make the upcoming Intents Festival edition a spectacular one again! A large festival such as Intents Festival cannot be build within one day. Every year it gets even bigger and better! This year for the first time: Friday as a full festival day! With this added day, Intents Festival 2022 will be bigger than ever before!💯

Have a look behind the scenes! In this mini docu you can see how the Intents Festival team is preparing for the most beautiful weekend of the year. With never-seen-before footage!

In this episode we ask some of our suppliers what it’s like to work with Intents Festival. We tell you what the first steps are and we explain how a theme is created.

Grab your bowl of popcorn, get your ass on the couch and watch Steps Before The Game episode 1 here or via our YouTube channel.

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Step Before The Game

A new episode of Steps Before The Game: Episode 4!

Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a large festival like Intents Festival? We will tell you everything in Steps Before the Game

In this mini docu you’ll see the preparations for a spectacular festival every year. You’ll see some brainstorming about the theme, an interview with the sound suppliers, take a look at Bavaria and many more. 🍺

In this episode we’ll take a closer look at safety. An indispensable theme when organizing a festival like Intents Festival.

Get in your chill outfit, gather your crew, grab your game controller and watch another new episode of Steps before the Game.

ANTHEM ALERT! Here it is: The anthem you’ve all been waiting for! Check out the anthem of Intents Festival 2022 or listen to it via this link!

Step Before The Game

New Episode: Steps Before The Game – Episode 3!

In this mini docu you’ll see how a large festival like Intents Festival is preparing for a new edition. It takes a lot of effort! When the time comes, the podiums are finished and you see all the happy faces of the visitors, then you know what you’re doing it for.❤️

In this episode we’ll tell you more about the technical stuff, we’ll visit the stage builders and we’ll take a look at the light and sound suppliers. Curious about a steel construction of such a podium like the mainstage? Watch this episode!

Lay back into the couch, stretch those legs and gather your friends. It’s Steps Before The Game & Chill time. 😎 Go to our YouTube channel or watch the episode here.

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The moment many of you have been waiting for. There it is! The anthem of Intents Festival 2022! Da Tweekaz and Warface have made a hard track again! 💥

Watch the docu over here or go to Intents Festival Anthem 2022. Loose your mind on this anthem and warm yourself up for the big Intents game you’re going to play on May 27, 28 & 29.

Make sure you reach the high score and continue to the next level! What do you think of this anthem?

Do you want to see more? Watch episode 4 of Steps Before the Game here!

Step Before The Game

Steps Before The Game Premiere – Episode 2!

It contains an enormous amount of work to organise such a large festival as of Intents Festival. We’ve also been very busy the past 2 years!

In this mini docu you’ll see how the Intents Festival team is preparing for the most beautiful weekend of the year. Includes never-before-seen footage!💯

In this episode, we dig deeper into the world of decor, visit set builders and catch a sneak peak of the new Mainstage!

Stretch out on the couch and enjoy another episode of Steps Before The Game! Have you not seen episode 1 yet? Check our YouTube channel.

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This year at the IntentsCity Camping: the INTENTS:AFTR!

That’s the real deal when you talk about afters!

Are you the ultimate gameplayer with lots of energy left after a full day of Intents Festival? 🏆 This year at the IntentsCity Camping: the INTENTS:AFTR! The largest hardstyle silent disco afterparty in Europe with over 5.000 headphones! 🎧

The Afterparty of Intents Festival is known as a rave party with the best beats and lots of Brabant fun. 🕺 Each day is hosted by a different artist! Don’t miss this out. This year we extended the closing time so you can join the party until the early morning!

Get your INTENTS:AFTR ticket incl. headphone for only €5. Check the IntentsCityactivities page!

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This year, a new edition of Intents Festival can finally take place. Intents Festival can call itself one of the biggest players in the Netherlands when it comes to harder dance styles. One of the biggest game players we should say, this year’s theme is ‘Step into the Game’. We spoke with Remko Hermans, co-organizer

Every year tens of thousands of music lovers of the harder styles come to Intents Festival. The Saturday and Sunday tickets are sold out this year, just like every year. In previous years, only camping visitors could enter the festival on Friday. Remko Hermans: “Unfortunately no pre-party this year, but for the first time in history Friday is a full festival day! We want to give more people the opportunity to experience the well-known Intents feeling. The entire weekend was already sold out in 2020, so we decided to put an extra full festival day to it: the Friday”. On Friday 27 May 2022, visitors can already put their Step into the Game in the afternoon from 14:00.

“We’ve really made something big of this extra day!”

This year the festival will be in the Ascension weekend. An extra long weekend! Most people are free from work on the Friday after Ascension. The visitors can start their Intents Festival weekend from 14:00 o’clock. “For the past few years we had a pre-party on Friday exclusively for the visitors at the campsite. Over the past years, the pre-party caught people’s attention more and more. Non-camping visitors also wanted to be there. That is why we have renamed this day into a full festival day. We’ve really made something big of this extra day: 4 areas filled with an awesome line-up, the booster and the Ferris wheel are open and the mainstage is hosted by Dirty Workz. We expect a lot from them. We’re also busy directing a big opening show” says Remko. Don’t have a free day of work that day? Don’t wait too long to arrange it, otherwise the rest will be ahead of you. You can buy tickets at

“We’ve heard that the youth is ready for a party!”

On Saturday and Sunday the minimum age is 18 years old. The 17-year-old ones from two years ago, who were eager to enter the festival, had just missed the boat. But they are all two years older now. Remko explains: “We want to give the new generation a chance to go to Intents Festival. We’ve heard that the youth is ready for a party again! That’s why we have a minimum age of 17 on the Friday. So that generation, which has never attended a major festival, can also experience the Intents feeling.” A lot of people want to go to Intents Festival. Several party buses from various European countries have registered. Many people from different countries come to Oisterwijk to attend Intents Festival. “This really resonates with people, even across the border” says Remko.

“Inactive?! We have certainly not been idle!”

Intents Festival has not taken place for two years because of corona. But the team hasn’t been inactive! There’s a lot to do behind the scenes of a festival as big as Intents Festival. “inactive?!” Remko Hermans says with a laugh and a bit indignantly. “We have certainly not been idle in the past two years. Despite corona, we have still fully deployed our team to make the next edition of Intents Festival even more spectacular than ever. There are so many thing to do, it can’t be arranged within one day. Most people don’t know how many work it is to arrange a festival. We’ve also been busy making the festival more sustainable every year.” Do you want to know more about a sustainable Intents Festival? Go to Are you curious about what go’s on and needs to be arranged behind the scenes? A mini documentary has been developed that will take you through the journey to Intents Festival. “We filmed at various locations and at various suppliers. For example, in episode 1 we explain how a theme is created.” The mini documentary is named ‘Steps before the Game’ and the reviews are already very positive about the first episode!

In this documentary you see how everything has been thought of, down to the last detail. You will see some never shown shots and a glimpse of the new mainstage. Definitely a must see! And it’s also definitely recommended to visit Intents Festival this year. “The Friday as a full festival day is new! That’s why there are only a few limited tickets available. So you have plenty of space to dance all day long. Don’t hesitate to buy your ticket, otherwise it’s GAME OVER” says Remko Hermans.