DJ Contest

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How it works
Round 1

Submit a set of maximum 30 minutes. This set must have been recorded especially for this DJ contest. Originality, spinning skills and track choice are taken into account. Upload your set to Soundcloud. Deadline 15 May – 8:00 PM!

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Round 2

The jury will announce the 10 best sets for each spot on May 17. From then on, the polls open and it is up to the fans to vote. The winner will be chosen based on 50% jury and 50% fan votes.

You can vote until May 23 – 08:00 PM. The winners will be announced on May 25.

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Intents Festival Nieuwsbrief

Schrijf je in voor de Intents Festival nieuwsbrief en ontvang als eerste het laatste nieuws, winacties en informatie over de ticketverkoop.

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