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Interview: Destructive Tendencies [ENG]

This year you guys will host the Dynamite area at the Sunday of Intents Festival. For the people who don’t know Destructive Tendencies, introduce yourself!

Yooooo guys! Thanks for the interview! Well if you don’t know who we are, we are 3 guys from the United Kingdom. Mick & Danny are from near Manchester, Joey is originally from Glasgow (Scotland) but lives closer to centre of the UK near Northampton. 

We met 7 years ago and formed Destructive Tendencies in 2011. Since then it’s been a bit of a whirlwind and we sit here today having just revealed we have just been signed to Masters of Hardcore after headlining and creating this years Masters of Hardcore anthem! 

You asked the guys of Intents Festival if you could do a hosting at Intents Festival, why did you want to do this? 

Well you know the saying “if you don’t ask you don’t get”, well this wasn’t even like that haha.
It was a slightly drunken “off the cuff” jokey comment by Danny last year. After the Intents Festival mainstage closed everyone was having a beer backstage. It’s just an absolutely incredible event, our favorite festival! I think the next time we spoke properly was at another festival in NL in August time. Remko from Intents said he was looking at what we said and if we’re up for hosting on the Sunday. If anyone at Airforce Festival was backstage with us just after we’d been told this you might have seen several lads downing several shots of vodka as we silently celebrated. It was so fucking hard to not just go running around everywhere screaming stupidly like we would if we’d spoke on the phone from our studio or something.

What can the Sunday visitors of Intents Festival expect of your hosting?

We’ve done several hostings before, including festival stages, but nothing as big as this. Anyone who’s been to previous years of Intents Festival and stepped into the Dynamite Hardcore area knows just how sick and incredible it is. Both years our good buddy Partyraiser took the reigns for an incredible visual and audio display. Wes is back hosting again on Saturday and we stepping up for the Sunday. A spectacularly huge big top tent, filled to the brim with 1000s of dedicated hardcore lovers. We’ve put on a line up which will see us perform all day long, 6 versus battles including some exclusive ones that have never happened before and an album showcase!
We’re going all on this one, it’s the last day of the festival. Take Monday off work, because missing this is out of the question! P.S. Take Tuesday off also!

How did you came up with this line-up? 

When thinking of a line up for this hosting we showcase the full circle of the Destructive Tendencies hardcore sound. As touched on above that means locking in a set of battles versus the biggest in the game all having their unique sound which is why we chose these guys who we are all big fans of.
But you got to have it mixed up, so never seen before versus like Destructive Tendencies & Miss K8 and solo sets by our biggest colleagues including fresh talent and rising stars like Spitnoise. All hosted by our man on the mic, Tha Watcher!

Which set at your hosting are you most looking forward to?

It’s got to be our closing, we just had to do it. Destructive Tendencies vs Drokz vs Tieum. Never seen before or done! You CAN’T miss this! It’s going to close down the Intents Festival Sunday like never before!

Do you have some special things planned for this hosting?
As well as what we’ve talked about with our line up and battles we’re working on some fresh beats specifically to debut here!

This will be the third year in a row you are playing at Intents Festival, what was your favorite Intents Festival moment?

Mick – Just 1 moment? Wow, that’s hard! I think if I’m forced to choose one thing it has to be something that I appreciate and respect both as a harder styles fan and DJ playing there – it’s the production! You see it everywhere, tiny little details (like when the theme was “It’s All In The Game”) every bin lid for your rubbish had little basketball hoops over it for you to take your aim when throwing things away! And the unbelievable end shows. Little things like this you take note of and realize. EVERY single thing has been thought about to give people the best experience they’ll have with the production behind everything! And it works, Intents is my favorite festival since the first time I went!

Danny – It’s so hard to pick one favorite moment, but I chose the feeling. There is a certain feeling at Intents Festival, everyone is in a different mood, people are just so amped for it. More than we see anywhere! As an artist we thrive on this, but as a lover of harder styles we feel the same too. Its magical!

Joey – Like the boys say it can be hard to pin point just one “moment” but I just love the whole vibe at the festival. It’s such a unique atmosphere and one that’s hard to match!

Do you have a special bond with Intents Festival and Dynamite?

We think so. The very thing that Intents Festival stands for, so do we. Giving the crowd an amazing time, so for that whole weekend they forget about everything else except… INTENTS!

What makes Intents Festival so special to perform at?

The way Intents Festival is ran means every bit of energy, time, money is pumped into making it more spectacular and better each year. Walking through the artist gates seeing the stages and theme brought to life then stepping onto that stage in front of thousands of like-minded party people is second to none.

During the weekend you play versus Partyraiser at the Saturday and Sunday, is it special for you to play with him? And can people expect two different sets? 

Of course! Our connection with Wes goes beyond the stage and as personal friends performing together continues the amazing journey we’ve had since we first sent him one of our tracks in 2012!
On Saturday we play a later set than what we do on our Sunday battle. So it won’t be as all out during our Sunday versus but as ever it will be following the crowd and if they are up for craziness we’ve got this covered!

Will you be partying yourself at Intents Festival all weekend?

YES. Did I mention YES? That pre-party dancefloor countdown is already on in our studio!

What else can the people expect from Destructive Tendencies in 2017?
We’ve got so many things planned for everyone, this is the year we’ve realised our dream and signed to the biggest Hardcore brand in the world – Masters of Hardcore. A lifelong goal and something we’ve worked towards since our first days. Big shouts to Jorge (Rayden) and the Hardcore Blasters crew for the amazing past 3 years and props to George (Rige) for signing that very first Destructive Tendencies track we sent Partyraiser in 2012 “This Is Your Moment”. Turns out that moment began then right there sure enough!

We’ve got a rammed packed 2017 diary with over 25 festivals this summer locked down at the time of writing this (at the start of April). Music wise we are writing our debut Masters of Hardcore ep including 2 solo tracks and a Hardcore collab with Raw genius D-Sturb. You will definitely be hearing this on Sunday at Intents!

For the people who don’t have their Sunday ticket yet, why should they buy one? 

You think you’ve been to the ultimate festival, you haven’t. You think you’ve seen all that Holland has to offer to harder styles lovers, you haven’t. 

We’ve been to probably 150+ different festivals between us all, covering many music styles, and Intents Festival is our favorite. I’d like to think that shows people just how serious this weekend in May is going to be! Trust us, every euro of your ticket price will be repaid in memories money can’t buy. Get your ticket and see you in the Dynamite Area!