Postponed Intents Festival 2020

Imagine: you’ve worked for almost a year, all the preparations are well underway, tickets have sold out, well over 350 artists have been scheduled, stage designs are ready to be manufactured, the festival site has been re-sown and looks amazingly green. Everything is going according to plan and those involved were already counting down to the sunny days of June. The finales were being programmed and we were putting the finishing touches to things. The excitement was tangible… it was going to be magical! We were all set for the "Game of the year". And then, suddenly, everything ground to a halt...

On 21 April 2020 at 19:00 the Dutch Prime Minister announced that the measures concerning events will be prolonged which means Intents Festival is now prohibited from going ahead.

For the past 16 years, tens of thousands of amazing people have been coming together in the first weekend in June with a shared mission: to celebrate their love of the Harder Styles. Both the audience and the organisers long for the festival season. The disappointment is therefore intense and understandable. In recent weeks we have been busy examining the many options. However, we are sad to have to announce that we are moving Intents Festival - Step into the Game to 4, 5 & 6 June 2021.

Sometimes, we – as humans – have to experience the worst, to then be able to appreciate the best. Only if we come together as a community can we beat this virus and win this difficult game.

The tickets you hold will remain 100% valid for the 2021 edition. And, together, we are going to make 2021 the very best Intents Festival ever. Mind-blowing DJ sets, even more amazing fireworks finales and a mainstage you will have to see to believe. At least you won’t get stressed running three computers simultaneously trying to get hold of tickets. All you have to do is put the ones you already have in a safe place.

Intents Festival also supports the campaign. If you don't want to save your current tickets, then you can have them converted into a voucher. The voucher can subsequently be used to buy a different ticket for Intents Festival or one for Karnaval Festival. Please note: this does mean you lose your guaranteed ticket to Intents Festival. You can swap your voucher code as of June 2020.

Our Intents Festival community is tight knit, our connection is deep and only together can we overcome this situation.

Show the rest of the world that you are saving your Intents Festival tickets for 2021. If you post this to social media using the hashtag #seeyouatintents21 you may be the lucky winner of €100 in Food&Drinks coins!

Stay Safe - #saveyourticket #saveyourfestival


Frequently Asked Questions

In these surreal times, it is with great sorrow in our organisers’ hearts that we are faced with countless wonderful events across the country being cancelled. This constitutes an enormous blow to the Netherlands’ cultural sector. The companies in the sector enjoy nothing better than providing you with unforgettable moments. If it is up to us, that will remain the same next year, but we will need your help to get that far! This is why we – as the cultural sector – have joined forces to call on ticketholders to save their tickets for the next edition. In this way we can help support the cultural sector’s continued existence. Save your ticket and enjoy the 2021 edition of Intents Festival. More information:
Naturally, we hope for your support during this crisis and will do our utmost to organise the very best edition of Intents Festival in 2021. Astounding DJ sets, even better fireworks finales and a mainstage you have to see to believe. To guarantee your ticket to Intents Festival (which sells out every year) all you have to do put the ticket you have in a safe place.
Intents Festival 2021 will take place on 4, 5 & 6 June 2021.
We have studied the various options, but unfortunately that is not possible for multiple reasons. Intents is an outdoor festival with a sizeable campsite that takes place in early summer. The festival features well over 350 artists and requires a large number of facilities including huge tents. It would be impossible, for instance, to find another date this year at which the majority of the artists and all the required facilities/materials are still available. Besides that, we would be unable to offer the atmosphere a summer festival provides in the autumn.
All tickets purchased using Paylogic or TicketSwap will be valid next year. That includes the tickets, coins and parking tokens. That YOU bought for you and your friends. The following overview spells things out even more plainly:

  • Day tickets (Friday - Saturday - Sunday)
  • Weekendtickets (Saturday+Sunday)
  • Weekend+IntentsCity camping tickets
  • Hardcopy tickets
  • Tickets you won
  • Parking tickets
  • Shuttle bus tickets
  • Ticket bus Breda
  • Drink & Food Coins & Lockers tickets
  • Accommodations at the IntentsCity Camping
  • • Upgrades to the IntentsCity Camping (e.g. a toilet unit, foldtables, party tent, etc.)
You don't have to do anything. Your tickets for 2020 will be valid for Intents Festival 2021.
You cannot split up an order. You can only indicate for the whole order whether you wish to save it OR convert it into a voucher.
Did you convert your Karnaval Festival 2020 Sunday ticket into an Intents Festival 2020 Friday ticket? Then we will refund your Karnaval Festival ticket. The money will be refunded to you before the end of May at the latest.

 The following lists the sums for Karnaval Festival again.

 Sunday ticket: € 22.50 + € 3.75 fee

 Sunday EarlyBird: € 19.50 + € 3.75 fee

 Weekend ticket (Sunday ticket): € 17.00 + € 1.88 fee

 Weekend EarlyBird (Sunday ticket): € 15.00 € € 1.88 fee.
We have sent all ticket purchasers an email. Don’t forget to check your spam. If you don't want to miss any more emails you can add [email protected] to your address list.
If tickets become available again these will be available from our ticket shop from June onwards. Keep an eye on the Intents Festival website if you want one.
Intents Festival supports the public campaign You can therefore have your ticket converted into a voucher. This has the same value as your order + the fee you paid and any possible order costs. The voucher can be used as ‘credit’ in the ticket shop to buy a new ticket to Intents Festival & Karnaval Festival, a coin ticket or merchandise. You can, for example, convert a weekend ticket for this year’s festival into a voucher to later buy a Sunday ticket for Intents Festival 2021 and an Intents Festival cap. You pay for any difference in price yourself. If there is any ‘credit’ remaining, you will be given a new voucher for this sum.

Whilst converting your tickets into a voucher you can choose to donate part of the total sum should you so desire. This helps the organisation and those involved. Please take into account when converting a ticket into a voucher that the festival sells out fast.

You will be able to request a voucher from 4 - 31 May 2020 on this website >>. You will then receive the 'credit' voucher in June. You can then immediately order tickets for Intents Festival 2021.
Tickets purchased from Ticketswap (Secure Swap) will remain valid for 2021. You cannot request a voucher for tickets purchased from Ticketswap.
No. If there is major demand for tickets you may find the ticket you want has sold out. If you want to be guaranteed a ticket, the best thing to do is save your ticket to this year's festival.
This depends on the agreements made with the bus coach company. If you would like more information we suggest to check the coach company website where you purchased your tickets from.
Everyone who won a ticket can automatically use that ticket for Intents Festival 2021. You don’t need to do anything.
What a shame! You can always sell your ticket to a friend or on Ticketswap. This helps support Intents Festival. If you really want your money back you can request to have your order refunded. This applies to your entire order i.e. tickets, coins and parking tokens, that YOU bought, for yourself and your friends. Because this entails costs, we will only refund half the fee you paid. The sum will be transferred to your bank account in June 2021. 

Refunds can only be requested by emailing: [email protected] Refunds can be requested from 4 - 31 May 2020. Clearly indicate your reasons in the email.

The refund will be processed ultimately a month after the new date of Intents Festival, 4, 5 & 6 June 2021. This is in accordance with the new regulation reach by various trade organizations in the cultural sector, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets. For more information about this regulation, please see:
We understand that it is annoying to not see your question answered. We are busy trying to provide the best information possible. This page will continue to be updated. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please feel free to email: [email protected]