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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Come and see… come and see… Next week, the most bizarre circus you’ve ever seen opens her gates.
From all the wind directions, visitors come to Oisterwijk for a weekend of crazy stunts, musical highlights, breath taking acts and an overwhelming show.
It promises to be a fantastic and grandiose spectacle.

Intents Festival – Circus of Insanity

All days are sold out
In the meanwhile, Sunday has also sold out which means that all days of Intents Festival – Circus of Insanity are sold out!

Two VIP decks
At the mainstage, you will find not one but two VIP decks. Now you can also dance on the other side of the stage as VIP on an elevated deck with a bar and private toilets.

Digital Punk & Adaro have made a banger of an anthem;’Circus of Insanity’. You should be able to shout this track from start to finish so listen to it on Spotify and watch the video.

The track is available on iTunes and

Questions? Send a message / Digital info point
Do you have any questions? Send a message via Facebook. During the festival, you can also ask questions via WhatsApp number +31 6-57258648.

It is important to put your tickets on behalf of the people who visit the festival. After purchasing your ticket(s), you will receive an e-mail from our ticket partner “Paylogic” asking for the personal information of the person who wants to visit the festival. This is necessary to counter illegal trading in tickets. After going through this process, the tickets will be sent by e-mail. Personalizing the tickets can take place until Wednesday, 24th of May 2017 – 8:00 p.m. After this time, it is no longer possible to get the tickets, so do not wait too long to apply for your tickets. Once tickets have been registered, changes can only be made against payment of an additional fee of 2.50 euros. Changing the name is possible until Friday 26th of May 2017, 08:00 a.m. After this time, it is no longer possible to change names.

General information, route, and parking
Intents Festival will be held at Sportpark d’n Donk, Sportlaan 10, 5062 JK Oisterwijk.

Address for navigation
Parking: Scheerman, Moergestel,
Kiss & Ride: Moergestelseweg 36, Oisterwijk
Taxis: Moergestelseweg 36, Oisterwijk
Charter buses: Oisterwijksebaan 3, Oisterwijk
IntentsCity Camping: Oisterwijksebaan 3, Oisterwijk 

When approaching the festival grounds follow the yellow Intents traffic signs.

Free shuttle buses from NS station Oisterwijk
On Saturday and Sunday, shuttle buses will all day driving up and down between NS train station Oisterwijk and the festival site. These shuttle buses bring you to the festival site within 5 minutes. Important! At 11:30 p.m., the last bus returns to NS station Oisterwijk.

Social Media
Posting a message about Intents Festival on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? Then use the hashtag #intentsfestival

The big puzzle can start because the timetable is complete! Make sure you do not miss your favorite artist.
Click here to see the Saturday timetable >>

Click here to see the Sunday timetable >>

Bring your ticket and identification
Remember to bring your e-ticket. Do you have a weekend ticket? Make sure to bring this ticket every day. In addition, it is mandatory for everyone to show a valid ID at the entrance. This may not be a copy.
Accepted identification documents are: passport, identity card or driving license.

Bus organizers
Do you organize a bus trip to Intents Festival? But have you not yet registered the bus? Sign up quickly so that you get the right route instructions including drop-off and pick-up points. This can be done at:

House Rules and Terms and Conditions
In order to organize a nice festival for everyone, House Rules and Terms and Conditions have been prepared.
You can read the house rules here.

Intents Festival – Circus of Insanity

At the festival ground, you can buy coins by paying with a debit card. However, we recommend that you always bring enough cash. Those who have bought the coins in the pre-sale can exchange the e-tickets at the e-coins cash registers which can be found immediately after entering the festival entrance.

Coin machines
This year there are various coin machines spread throughout the site. This allows you to buy coins at more places. At the coin machines, you can only pay with your debit card.

There is also a coin machine on the VIP deck and one in Café – de Kroeg. If it’s busy at a coin cash desk or coin machine, be smart and look a little further. On the floor plan (area map) you can see the locations of the other coin cash registers and coin machines.

Ps. We have special artists-edition coins again, which are sold along with the normal coins.

Celebrate Safe
During Intents Festival we are partying safely. At the Celebrate Safe stand of Unity, you can ask questions about alcohol and drug use. They are happy to give you tips and explanations.

Drug policy
Please note that there is a strict zero-tolerance policy for the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances (ecstasy, etc.). Checks will take place at the entrance and on the festival site.

First Aid
Not feeling well? Then visit the First Aid and they will help you. If you believe someone has used too many drugs/alcohol, talk to someone from the organization, security or First Aid. Also, check out

Earplugs (I love my ears)
We recommend wearing earplugs during the festival. If you do not have them yet, it’s wise to buy them. At the festival site, ear plugs are available at the lockers and at the merchandise shop.

Do not forget to rest your ears occasionally and do not get too close to the speakers. This way you can enjoy the music without having to suffer later. Look at for more information.

There are plenty of lockers available to store your property. The price for a locker is 7 euros (+5 euros deposit) for one day and 10 euros (+5 euros deposit) for a weekend. This deposit will be returned after returning your key.
There are also lockers with PINs on Intents Festival. Make sure you close your locker properly and do not lose your code. These lockers do not require a deposit.

Floor Plan & Timetable
Floor plan and timetable booklets are handed out at the entrance. The timetable is also published on the website.

There are plenty of toilets available on site which you can use for free. Urinating in public is therefore strictly prohibited. Most of the restrooms where fresh points are present you can use care products for free.

Photo & Video
Everyone may bring his camera or video camera. Create and share lots of beautiful pictures and videos, but do not forget to party!
Professional video equipment is not allowed without press accreditation.

Lost & Found
Have you lost something or have you found something? You can bring this to the lockers or check over here if it has been found. You can also contact the WhatsApp number (06-57258648) for found items.

There are several merchandise stands spread throughout the festival site. You will also find a large Official Intents Festival merchandise stand on the site.

At Koko’s hairdressing shop, they are going to stylize your hair in a unique way with spray art. Walk alongside the hairdressers of Koko at the festival grounds for a cool festival styling. If you’re lucky, you can let your hair be styled by nobody less than Padaro, the father of DJ Adaro on Saturday from about 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. But keep in mind that it will be busy when he is going to show his arts.

Protect yourself from the sun by lubricating yourself with sunscreen, wearing a hat and regularly looking for some shadow. It is allowed to bring sunscreen in a bottle or tube. Aerosols and sprays are not allowed. For only 1 coin you can buy special Intents Festival sunscreen at the festival grounds.

The festival site is accessible to wheelchair users. However, it is an outdoor festival and not everything will be equally well accessible with the wheelchair.

At the first aid, disabled toilets are available.

We wish you a fantastic and unforgettable Intents Festival weekend!